Balance and Flaws

This was posted on my Magic, Lust and Mirth list.  It seemed to me that this is a common flaw in some Wiccan teaching so I am going to offer my views on it. First, the meditation in its whole.

One day a wise woman and her student were sitting by a pond talking about magick.

She began telling her apprentice that to be a responsible Witch you need to realize that there are two parts to a spell.  The spoken part and the unspoken part.

 If I ask for rain, am I asking for drought on someone else?  If I ask for health, am I asking for  someone else to fall ill?  The spiral will always be balanced.  The request may very well seem innocent enough, yet still have disastrous consequences. Asking for money could result in someone else's poverty... where would that money come from?

Remember the rules of conservation and balance.  They apply to magick as well.

The student looked confused and asked, but teacher, I thought if my mind was controlled so that the intent of the spell was pure that no harm could come of it?  How can my spell hurt someone else if it wasn't the intent?

The teacher smiled and said, how is it possible to believe in a God *AND* Goddess if you aren't ready to accept balance?  That's the very reason for having the two...   The craft uses nature and its balances. To deny that there is a balance is to deny the God and Goddess.

You see, Magick is like throwing a stone into a still pool of water. The teacher then picked up a stone and threw it into the pond and the ripples begin rolling outward. See how the ripples make that floating stick move...

It was affected even though that was not the intent.  This is why I always tell you to act responsibly.  Your actions affect others in ways you cannot always see or know.  See how the ripples move to the edge of the pond, then move back to the center.  How the ripples interact with each other creating turbulence and chaos upon the once smooth surface. Soon, the entire surface of the pond is in movement, then slowly balance is achieved and the pond is smooth again...

If I ask for rain, and get it, where did the rain come from?  I may have wanted the rain so I would not have to water my lawn, but was it needed somewhere else more?  Was that rain intended for crops, that would benefit us all by keeping food costs down and feeding the hungry... Am I and others benefited or hurt by my actions of casting a spell for rain?

If I see a car, coming at me out of control and I ward it off so that I'm protected, but the car then crashes into a school bus full of children and they are killed.  Is my life more important than theirs?

Look at the balance of the wheel of the year.  Without death, there is no life.  A plant grows, produces seed and dies.  While we may wish to enjoy the beauty of that flower forever, it must mature and die to ensure the future. The seed it produces through its cycle recreates the process and maintains balance.

In all things there will be balance and the wheel continues to turn. We must ensure that our magick does not upset the balance and use our gifts from the divine with wisdom, maturity and thought.

Now my response to that with some expansion on this theme.

This is what I mean when I say we need to think about personal responsibility. You look at all the options and you DO THE WORK ON THE MUNDANE LEVEL!! I just can not stress this enough. A job spell is not going to cause an employer to leap up from their desk, dash out to their car and drive to your door to beg you to come to work for them. You do the spell. You charge the resumes. Then you read the newspaper and send the resumes. You get out on the street and wear down some shoe leather looking for jobs.  The right one will come to you and you don't have to settle.

But!  We also need to not be afraid to ask for what we need. The spiral will balance itself. The rain I do agree with if we are weather witching. If we are just working for rain to happen and not for rain to move from one place to another then I would disagree. If I ask for health, then am I asking for someone else to fall ill? Rubbish. Am I to believe that if I ask for prosperity in my life someone else will go without? Not bloody likely...that is an easy way of tying yourself into knots that don't need to be tied. If I worry that my happiness will mean someone else's unhappiness, then do I beat myself up for being selfish enough to call love into my life? Or do I not call love into my life on a magical level and remain miserable?  If we are to be even adequate magic workers then we must take care of our own house first.  I truly believe this.

Prosperity comes in many shapes to many people. Some one's idea of prosperity might be a little house with a rose bush in the front and a safe, dependable car in the garage and bills in the mailbox that can be paid.  Another person might see prosperity as a large house, two cars, and a European vacation every year.  Don't wall yourself into stagnation because you think you are "taking" something away from someone else.

If the Source is an endless, boundless pool, then we can all swim in it, draw from it, and put back into it.

This was an excellent piece that does provoke thought and should...but I hope that it provokes FULL thought and not just mindless agreement.  If you wish to be spoonfed, you need to find another Religion.  Wicca is not for the braindead.  You must be willing to search and learn and grow. To be stagnant in Wicca is to be dead.

Naturally, all of this is my opinion and you are welcome to yours. If you feel so inclined, do let me know what you think!

by my hand
Arwen Nightstar
July 12, 1998

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