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Morgan's Magical Grimoire
I have lost Morgan's site. sigh. Anyone able to help me?

This is my sister-witch, Lilitu's page. I think it is an absolute must-see! Sign her guestbook and tell her Arwen sent you! She is a crazy, Pinko, Australian bird, but I love her!

The Witches Brew
This page has solid information as well as a networking area.

Jaz's Pagan Pages
One of my first pages I ever visited and I keep going back! 2001 note: I now Circle with Jaz on a regular basis. She is as neat in person as she is on her pages. I am blessed to have a friend like her.

Beyond The Rainbow
The page I turn to for more information on crystals.

Camlyn's Haven for Pagan Elders
Camlyn is an Elder who believes that Elders need to be heard. I agree.

Herne's Incredible Page!
Herne's page for the Celtic Wiccans. Tons of information &  he is also helpful.

Pagan Parenting Pages
Jaz's page devoted to the laughs and tears of being a parent, pagan-style.

Suburban Witchcraft: For the young in body
Ok, this page impressed me quite a bit and gave me hope for the future!

Wicca 101
Has everything you could want. Archives of three years worth of teaching!

Catala's Banner: A great Wiccan site! Huge!
If you haven't been to Catala's, then you can't know what you are missing! Go!

Old Craft
An e-zine for the herbalists among us.

Wow! This man has beautiful and very affordable art!


This is but one of St Parker's pages. He is an artist and this is where you can find my own unfolded soul. Please visit his page and don't miss Black Origami either. Very deep and pure. You can find me in Gallery 1 on the 2nd floor. Let me know what you think?

One of the premier Witch sites on the web!

I love this fish!
This is the best page I have ever found on animal spirits. GREAT!

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