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PODS: A Personal View

Ok...I can hear it now...what is a PODS?  Is it some weird alien body snatching cult? Well, it was in a bad B movie, but that is not what this is about.  PODS is the Pagan Occult Distribution System that literally saved my life.  I was so lost and alone and afraid.  I had moved from all of my Pagan loved ones in Michigan and Ohio to Louisiana. Louisiana was home to my partner at that time and the state where I grew up.  It was the right thing for us to do...my stepfather died a few months after I moved there so my mother needed me and I needed her as well.

But, I was living in a primarily Catholic, very small town where it was a crime to be gay....can you imagine coming out as Pagan? So, I turned to my computer and found a BBS. What is a BBS? I can hear it now from all of you who have never been on a static system and had to wait days for  answer to your questions.  Where IRC was not possible due to the equipment I had and I had no local Internet access.  Yep, it was hell, but I found a haven.  That haven was PODS.  There I found many just like me. Isolated and living their religions anyway...brave people who gave me courage as well.

My depression is probably the first thing I wrote about and it brought people to me.  They didn't say poor dear.  They said, here try this or try this.They encouraged me to help myself. Recipes for depression alleviating teas, rituals of bubble baths and laughs...all of these things were PODS to me.

Out of the blue, one woman whom had only heard of me through a friend of hers sent me a beautiful beaded pouch.  K, you may never know that the gift of a stranger's words and art lifted me past one very dark space.  Your reaching out was the straw that helped me move into a better space of mind and heart and soul. Plus knowing that we had that link through that incredibly merry woman was a true wonder.. {wink}

So, this was about PODS. smile.  PODS is a safe haven and is the home to many pagans and a few Christians as well.  If you have ever read the words of James C. Taylor in "A Christian Speaks", then you have read a PODster. Below are some links to PODS pages and a way to telnet into PODS. Won't you join us?  You can find me in Book of Shadows and Lapidar most often. Sometimes I traipse through the forest known as Merry Meat and that is not a misspelling! grin.  C'mon! What do you have to lose?

When you telnet to this board, you will have to go through a new user login. Please leave a note to the sysop that you would like to be validated for PODS. Neysa says you can use your old alias if you like! No need for real names amongst friends! Otherwise you will not be able to find PODS. Tell Neysa where you saw them! 

PODSNet: Pagan First Home/Safe Haven
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