And the Award goes to.....

All the wonderful folk who inhabit the PWA-L list!!  Without their generosity of spirit and knowledge, my page would be far less than it is today! 

My page first found a home on Geocities in April 1997.  It was very different than what you are visiting today! You could scroll forever and not get to the end of the first page!  I thought music that played automatically was a very cool thing!   I also did a lot of right clicking without ever remembering to credit where I got my art from!  Please don't just right click and grab graphics! Think about the time and pride a person has put into their work.  Ask first!

The graphics on the front page as well as the background to my tables are my own.  I created the front page by scanning my amber-n-jet necklace. This necklace is my prized possesion for several reasons. One, my ex, Kemanorel bankrupted herself to get it for me. Two, she asked my HPS, Lhianna Sidhe, to make it. And three, Lhianna not only made it, but she also took jet from her very own amber and jet necklace! Then my covensib Niniane made earrings to match. So you can see why it is so special. I think of all three of them everytime I wear it. The table background is a piece of cloth I use for Tarot readings.  The front page graphic was fixed not once but twice by the incredible Hairfish!! Then on 3/11/99 she fixed the Celtic Cross graphic so that it is transparent. I tell you...the Lady and Lord have richly blessed my life with friends!  You must visit her tank! And, of course, I must thank my HP, OSO for leaving me alone and letting me spend all these hours on my page! hee hee

I have one orphan graphic on my Zoo page. If you know the artist, won't you have him or her contact me?

I am a volunteer editor for the Open Directory Project. You can join too! I always wanted a totem for my page so I got one from Lady In Black! You can too! Just go to my Links page and click on her link!

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