What are Auras anyway? Can anyone see them? How can I see them? Do they have any real purpose if I can see them? Can I change my Aura intentionally? What does your aura look like, Arwen?

Auras are a manifestation of one of our body layers, the Auric layer. Yes, just about anyone can see them, if they practice. I have to be in the right environment to see them and it is not easy for me at all.

One way to see an Aura is to sit in a semi-dark room with perhaps one candle to give a soft light. Hold your arm out in front of you and look at it. Now relax your gaze. Just stop focusing on your arm and just be for a moment. You may begin to see a shimmer or a glow at the edges of your arm. That is your Aura. Don't worry if you don't see colors, just be thrilled that you can see this. You are actually not seeing this with your two eyes so much as with your third eye. It is hard to describe, but it is very real.

Another method is to use a pal as a guinea pig. Have s/he sit against a blank wall and put the candle behind you or out to the side of you. Again, stare at your friend. Once your giggles have passed, then unfocus...relax your gaze and wait. More often than not this is where I will see colors.

Now..do they have any real purpose...these colors you see. Some, including myself, think that they very much have a purpose. That purpose being healing and insight. The colors tend to be the same colors as the chakras and they have the same meanings. Your Aura will change as your moods and physical well-being change.

Can you change your Aura at will? I think that you can. A coven I circled with in Michigan got together one evening and tried this. It was fascinating actually. We all stared at one member and then talked about what it was that we had seen. One member in particular was very good at sending colors. He could also change which color he was projecting. Now then, I am not convinced that we were not just seeing the colors he was thinking about, but I am also not convinced that it wasn't really him changing his aura. :-)

If you would like to see an aura pictures me taken 11/8/98, then click on my name. I have also included a photo of my ex, David.

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