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How do I become a witch? Hmmm, interesting question. I think my answer would be to read, read, read and then read some more. Ask people to recommend books and read even the ones they say are "awful". Don't discount what you are told though. There are awful books out there. Do pay attention to an author's research. If something sounds wrong, then by all means research that for yourself. You are not a sheep!!

That is the only way someone can learn to separate the wheat from the chaff for themselves. If a person is looking to be spoonfed information, then they are looking at the wrong religion, in my opinion. Or perhaps just the wrong teacher! Here is a list of books I found useful in my first year of training.

But to actually become a witch? That takes your heart, your mind and your will. You can look for others via New Age shops, Occult bookstores, alternative publications, but no one can make you a witch except yourself and the Gods. To me being a witch is not about casting spells or working magic...that is part of it to be sure, but it is about a personal relationship with my Deities. It is about being connected to the Universal All and that means all, not just what I would *like* to be connected to. (grin)

Think about that one for a minute. What does it mean to be connected to the Universal All? Kind of cool at first right? Birds, trees, all the really neat and loving people you know...we are connected by a strand of it energy?...that we can not break. Now that you think it is a great idea, consider this for a minute. Polluters, rapists, corrupt political figures, rabid dogs (wait, aren't they the same as corrupt politicians?)...we are all still connected to them as well. To me this was a clarion trumpet kind of wake-up call. It reminded me then and reminds me today that I am in fact a steward on this Earth. Yes, a Biblical saying on a Witch's page. I think Jesus did walk this Earth and that he was a marvelous teacher that we can all learn from....just like Buddha, Mohammed, Confucius, too. Don't deny wisdom simply because you don't like the package it comes in. That is foolishness.

I am always open to people asking me questions as long as they are respectful of my religion, of me and of themselves. Queries for love spells will be answered after you read my section on love spells in the Grimoire.

I do operate a list for Pagans and Wiccans and other open-minded folk. The emphasis is sharing opinions in a nice way. My only rule is "If you can't say it nicely, then take it off the list." So far that is working well. If you think you would like to know more about it, go here to learn more about Magic, Lust & Mirth. 8/28/2000 MLM is currently accepting new members. We expect you to introduce yourselves and to participate. We are not interested in teaching. Thanks for understanding!

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