Witch's Bottle (9k)
The Witches' Bottle or Witch's Bottle if you are solitary is a very powerful means of protecting your space. It is buried on your property (if you are an apartment dweller, you might try burying it in a potted plant that resides at your door) in order to atttract all negative things to it where it traps them. If you move, by all means, then dig it up and either destroy it or bring it to your new home. For me, I would no more bring my witches' bottle with me than I would bring an old broom to a new house, but that is for the individual to decide!


Glass jar with metal lid (mayonnaise jars are perfect for this!)
Sea Salt
3 bent rusty nails (coffin nails: the old way of doing this)
1 egg
Rowanwood berries
Whole Orris Root (powdered will do)
Sealing Wax

How to Make the Witches' Bottle

Purify yourself. See Arwen's "Salt Bathing Ritual" if you are unsure about how to do this. Cast your circle. "How to Cast a Circle" will aid you if you don't already have a preferred method. Have on your altar a chalice of water, frankincense burning on a charcoal, red candle burning. The altar is set up normally otherwise.

Purify and consecrate your jar and lid. Then pass over the flame of the red candle. Keep your intentions firm in your mind. Remember, it is the will of the witch that works the magic.

Place 3 scoops (I use my athame blade for this) of salt in the jar.

Saying : "Oh spirit of salt, purify my home and bring in strength and stability."

Place the three nails in the jar.

Saying:" Oh spirit of iron, ground out any negativity directed toward my home and those that dwell within and let it return threefold to the sender."

Call the spirit of each herb. Meditate on the herb and its powers. Burn a bit on the charcoal. Chant the herb's power as you place it in the jar.

For example: "Frankincense lend me your protection from the psychic planes."

When you have done each and every herb...yes, all of them in the same way. Remember this is a ritualized spell and the point is to focus your will and power. Once you have done this, then place the egg in the jar. You don't have to break it.

Saying: "Oh spirit of egg, fill this charm with life and spirit."

Now take the thread. The best thread to use for this is thread you have saved..just bits and snips of thread. Some people will say red thread, but I say whatever color you have is fine. Put the thread in your receiving hand and roll it around with your power hand.

Saying: "Twist and turn all evil away. Twist and turn all harm from me. Thread be tanglesome. Thread trip up whoever would harm us."

Charge the charm by using a free-form chant to send energy into the bottle. If you are not comfortable making a chant up, I would suggest "Isis, Astarte, Diana, Hecate, Demeter, Kali, Inanana" Let your energy build and then place it in the jar through your hands or your athame or your wand.

When you feel it is ready, place the lid on clockwise (Deosil) and put sealing wax on it.

Bring your Circle down. Bury the bottle outside the door most often used for entering your home.

NOTE: This spell is fairly close to the one my HPS gave me during my training. I have altered it and added one or two things to make it mine. 

by my hand
Arwen Nightstar
November 12, 1998
(C) Rights Reserved, Ask before using this for any purpose *other* than a single use copy in a personal, off-line Book of Shadows.1998

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