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spacer.gif (1k) This is a car protection charm that I created for myself several years ago. I have recently begun to have car trouble so I will be redoing this particular spell.  It has held up well for about five years though so I think that is a good sign.

             Arwen's Car Charm 

             Ingredients needed: 

             1-2" Cinnamon (male or female) 
             1 Black tourmaline stone (size should fit in a pill bottle) 
             A pinch of Comfrey 
             1 Aquamarine (size should fit in a pill bottle) 
             Any other stones or herbs that draw you. 
             A bit of red thread 
             1 pill bottle 

In a Circle you will cleanse and consecrate each item.  Then you will charge them with your energy and say this or something  similar three times: 

                               Mercury, God of Travel 
                                Heed my plea this day 
                               Let my plans not unravel 
                             Watch me safely on my way. 
                            Hecate, Mother of the Roads 
                            Watch over ____, your child. 
                          Protect  me as I travel your roads 
                             And keep my travelling mild. this was off the cuff and desperately needs work!  If anyone else has anything better in terms of an invocation that they would like to share, please let me know! 

Once you have charged all the items, place them into the pill bottle except for the red thread.  The red thread represents you.  Spit on it or prick a finger and put a drop of blood on it.  Speak to it and call it your name as you place it in the bottle.  Know that you are now protected. 

Naturally this does not mean go drive like a maniac.  Regardless of the work on the Astral, you have to maintain on the mundane level as well.  This is a very simple charm and you can substitute stones from your home environment if you like. 

Cinnamon is sacred to Mercury and during a Mercury Retrograde it can not hurt to have an extra stick in the car.  Comfrey is the Traveler's companion herb.  Aquamarine is known as the Traveler's stone.  Black Tourmaline is one of the most  powerful protective stones I know of.  If I were to use another stone instead of Black Tourmaline, I would choose Obsidian to reflect the trouble away. 

My friend Chiron Gayheart suggests adding a cat's whisker to this charm so that you can have that "by a whisker" margin should you ever need it. 

by my hand
Arwen Nightstar
 June 30, 1998
(c)All rights Reserved

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