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Within Wicca there is a saying..."An ye harm none, do what ye will". I have also seen it phrased "An harm ye none, do what ye will". Many Wiccans will tell you that this means do no harm ever. I don't follow that.

My belief is that it is a yardstick to measure yourself against. Before you fly off the handle (broomhandle grin) you should check and see why you want to hex someone. I happen to hold to the Law of Three, that what you do comes back three times. So, if I choose to do harm to someone, then I must be prepared for the consequences. I don't think that hexing someone who needs it is harming them. Protecting myself and those I love is not a bad thing.

On that note, I will tell you that I have done bindings in my entire Wiccan life and never a full-fledged Hex. The bindings were done after much thought and much mundane work had already been done. By mundane work I mean talking to the people, calling lawyers, invoking Peace Bonds. When none of these worked, I turned to the bindings and they did work.

Do read as much as you can...Aiden Kelly, Robert Graves, Margaret Murray, M. Esther Harding......some are specifically about magic and others are about things that will aid you in your search. Particularly read anthropological, archeological and historical tomes all the while remembering that everyone writes with a slant. You and I and everyone reads with our own personal slant as well.

Try to remember that if anyone tells you that there is only ONE should walk away. You will find your path. It may be Wiccan, it may be Craft, it may be Catholic....just find it on your own and with your own heart and mind armed with as much knowledge as you can! I encourage you to really take the time to look at all the religious choices out there and do not choose one because your best friend is doing it. Choose your life's path carefully and remember that today's choice is not set in stone! You can move in which ever direction you need to whenever you want to.

If I could make one wish for every person on this Earth, it would be that each of us finds that path we were meant to walk. And that we walk our path quietly and allow others to walk theirs as well. It is when we try to manipulate other people's lives to meet our own specifications that we make our worst mistakes.

by my hand
June 23, 1998 (updated extensively)
Arwen Nightstar

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