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I am going to give you a very simple spell to have someone leave you alone. This is manipulative magic because you *are* doing something against someone else's will.  This is where you have to think for yourself and decide if the situation warrants this.  I can not stress enough that if the person bothering you is in any way dangerous GO TO THE AUTHORITIES.  This spell works. But you have to be willing to not be friends with him/her at all and maybe not be friends with his/her friends. What you do, comes back to you. So mote it be. Only use this if you have no other recourse and have tried mundane things. Again, if it is dangerous, go to the authorities. 

Write his/her name on a piece of paper. Fold the paper three times. As  you fold each fold say:" I turn you out of my life". Now take a plastic baggie and fill it half full of water. Put the paper in there. Zip the baggie shut (it has to be one that is sealable) and say "As I close this bag, so I close myself to you". Now put the baggie in the freezer and turn your back on it and say "I turn my back to you. You are getting the cold shoulder. Go away." 

It sounds hokey but it does work.  If you ever decide you want to be friends, then take the bag out and let it thaw out. 

By my hand 
Arwen Nightstar 
June 24, 1999 

BTW, I do not claim this as an original spell.  The words I use are mine, but this is a pretty common spell.  I first learned it on PODS either from Pen or Starwyn.

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