By: A witch from Georgia
[This is someone I have the pleasure of  knowing mostly through an email list or two but also have met her in person as well. She and I may not always agree, but she never fails to post interesting things. Arwen Nightstar (posted with permission)]

I am thinking that there seems to be two very distinct ways that people come to paganism/wicca.( I mean, two more common ways,, with MANY variations). There are those who experience things on their own that  lead them eventually to a community of others, and there are those who find groups, and out of curiosity, hang out until they "get it". There is nothing wrong with either path, but I can see how someone in the latter group, at first, would have
trouble understanding what everyone is getting all "excited" about during a ritual.

     It has always been my opinion, that paganism and
craft are religions that you can't be converted to, because you are either called or you aren't. In other words, if after awhile, you still don't experience anything that stirs your spirit in a pagan or wiccan circle, than I would think that this is not your true path. This is NOT a judgement on you or anyone, but if religion doesn't stir something powerful and wonderful within us, then what is it for? I mean, it ISNT just a social gathering, though I know MANY people who seem to think so! 

     All I am saying is that you need to find what DOES stir you. And it might not be ANY formal, organized religion, or any religion practiced by anyone else. It might just be spending time alone with what you percieve to be "diety".  See where that leads you, instead of trying to "get" what "others" are getting. :-)  ~~~Georgia Witch

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