Lore of the God(6k)
It occurred to me that there is much on the Internet in the way of Goddess Lore but not so much for God Lore. I have many theories as to why this is, but  I want to address the matter as it pertains to my own experiences.

The Green Man is whom I will start with because I have seen him on several occasions. The first time sent a chill up my spine, because while I believe in the occult, I don't necessarily want to participate. grin! I was sitting in my house in Lansing, MI, having just moved there. The shades weren't even on the window. I had collapsed into a chair after a hard day's move. It was about 6 during the first few days of September. I glanced out the window at the houses across the street when I noticed Him staring at me from a bush. I called my partner and she verified what I was seeing. Then we called the gal that had helped us move and she too saw Him. We moved to all angles and even upstairs. He was there. We walked outside onto the porch and He was still there. There was a very calm feeling to the night air...almost a sanctity to it. The next day He was gone and we never saw Him in those bushes again. I saw Him again recently at this house. Grinning at me from the woods. He is a very protective God to me and I like that.

Green Man is His own aspect of the God. The Horned One is Herne in my faith and Herne is different from Green Man.

To me the God is part of the Two from the One Source. The Goddess is the other side of the balance. The Lord is seen in many aspects...the Hunter, the Father, the Son, the Lover.

As the Hunter he is Herne and the Wild Huntsman and others. He is the one who culls the herds in the fall. The bringer of death walks the land from Hallows to Mayday. He symbolizes the need for the balance of life and death. Perhaps Christopher Walken?

Father God is Dagda, Zeus and Pan to some extent. He is the stern justice sayer and the one who helps you back to your feet after a fall. The Oak King is the father figure as well. Definitely Sean Connery, baby!

The Son is the playful one seen in the Green Man (who also has Father aspects to me) and in Robin o' the Greenwood. He coaxes you out to play in the forest and the fields. Come revel with Him in the warm summer sun. Robin Williams for me!

The Lover is Apollo, Pan, Lugh and more. He is the phallus rising up to meet the yoni of the Maiden to show her the way to her Motherself. He is wild, uninhibited and sexy. Antonio Banderas anyone?

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