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spacer.gif (1k) To bless a new house you need to combine salt and water and bless them.  Walk the inside perimeter of your house clockwise (aka deosil). Cast water from your fingertips at the walls while you say something along the lines of :

With water and earth
This house I rebirth
Begone all that mean harm
Leave as I say my charm.

Then recircle from the starting point..this time with a lit stick of incense (if it is a big house, have one or two handy to jumpstart so you don't break the circle). Wave the stick as you say something along the lines of:

With fire and air
this house I share
Welcome all that mean good
Stay if you would.

Now mind you, this is a very simple, very off the cuff house blessing and you can probably write a much better charm. And I am operating under the assumption that you are very new to all of this so I thought simple would be better. I will also be putting up other house blessings if there is an interest in them.

The objects should be smudged (incense is best if it is sage and cedar) and then cleansed with salt and water. You do not need to douse them in salt and water but you can take a rag and wipe them down.  Again, speak a charm as you do it. Generally speaking, I do the charms three times.

A book you might find of interest is _Everyday Magic_ by Dorothy Morrison, published by Llellewyn Publishers.

By my hand
Arwen Nightstar
July 6,1998

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