I do my own dishes. I like doing my own dishes for many reasons. I can wash my sorrows and my pains and my angst down the drain with the other crud on the plates. I can remind myself that my plate has only those things I put on it so if I don't like the way something tastes, then I should get rid of it. I spend a great deal of time staring out my kitchen window to see what is there. Sometimes a bird...one morning a small grasshopper...it is always something interesting to me.

My husband (at that time) woke me up the other morning to come look out the kitchen window. I did somewhat grumpily and saw nothing but the grass that needs cutting, the pump house that needs tearing down or rebuilding and the magnificent oak tree. He tapped on the pane to draw my attention closer and I saw a young praying mantis there. Wow! You don't always have to look at the big picture to see something really neat! That mantis and I played for half an hour. I would move my finger and she would follow it. I was captivated by the way she turned her head to watch my movement.

Then I grabbed a tag that has been lying in that window for two weeks waiting for me to throw it away. It was yellow and orange ...one of those Scrubbies(tm). I held it up and it scared the mantis greatly! Enough for it to hustle away.

At first I was sad, then I realized that I had learned something again. You don't always know what the other person's fears are.

You can glean what you wish from this little story.

By My Hand
Arwen Nightstar
July 18, 1998 (C) All Rights Reserved. No permission to publish anywhere without express written permission of Arwen Nightstar

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