New Age or Pagan(9k)
The old joke is what is the difference between a New Ager and a Pagan? At least two decimal points. Meaning that a pagan will pay 1.00 and a New Ager will pay 100.00

I defend the New Age and condemn it in the same breath. Hey, I am a Pisces so that is natural to me. The New Age has opened up the access route to paganism. And then we have the Age of Communication making it possible for me to say this in an arena where you are able to read it. So anyone can say anything on the Internet and not have to provide any kind of validation. How do you know I am what I say I am? Do you listen to that voice inside you? Good! Do that! Don't be sold some bill of goods just because you want so desperately to be a witch. Be a critical thinker, for God/dess' sake or you will be just a wannabe for the whole of your life.

Some people call themselves pagan, but with their manipulation, and/or rose-colored glasses outlook marks them as New Agers. Not to mention the lack of self-responsibility that marks them. "A demon made me do that." "An entity overpowered me on the Astral plane and made me do its bidding." Oh grow up. This kind of blaming placing is exactly what Wicca is NOT about. This also fully includes those of you who are whining all the time that so-and-so has cast an evil spell. Take responsibility for yourself and your own actions. Be brave enough to admit when you screw up.

Many New Agers stop at the "let's surround everything with white light and love so we can make it all better" attitude. I find this a very simple and childlike (note: not childish) outlook that is not workable at all in the real world. Those pagans who also adopt this one-note approach are not seeing the whole picture.

Uh oh, stand back everyone! She's gonna rant!
And the whole picture is a sheer symphony of notes and melodies and counter melodies as well. There is the idea that what you work for on the Astral level (white light sending or hexing or anything in between) must be worked for on the mundane. A job spell is not going to cause an employer to suddenly leap from their desk scattering all papers as they rush to the door muttering, "I have to find him/her. I have to find him/her". And they drive to your door in their black, brand-new Lincoln and beg you on bended knee to join their company. NOT!

You have to send in your resumes, pound the pavement, knock on doors. You know...the stuff you would do anyway! grin...but that is where the self-responsibility comes in and too many of us today who like to say "I am a witch" are flat out lazy wannabes.

But, that is my opinion-o-rant of course. The you in this rant has been generic. Any similarities to the you reading this should cause you to run to the mirror and take stock.

by my hand,
August 7, 1998
Arwen Nightstar

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