Arwen's Rituals and Spells
What are rituals? Rituals are one way a Wiccan and other religiously inclined pagans have of celebrating their connection with Deity. A ritual can be highly elaborate or very simply depending on person, place and mood.

I tend to prefer a more stylized and "trappings" rich ritual environment because I like symbols! My friends tease me about being a High Episopagan! I am offering here a few of the rituals that I have written myself.

There are plenty of rituals out on the web and you are welcome to borrow these to try for yourself. But you really should try to write your own. The personal reward from creating a ritual from start to finish is something every person should experience.


Ritual for Remorse
A ritual for dealing with the aftermath of an abortion and the emotions that may come.
A Young Woman's Coming of Age Ritual
A ritual for a girl's first menarche
Ritual for the Autumnal Equinox
A ritual for one of the Cross Quarters with a meditation on balance.
Salt Water Bathing Purification Ritual
A ritual for purifying before Circle
Imbolg 1999
This is a ritual done by the Conyers Pagan Discussion Group. In Conyers, GA, USA

What are spells? Spells are a vehicle for our will. All magic comes from our tapping into the energy that exists for everyone. Don't let anyone try to convince you that you must be special or different. That only they have "The Power" or that they are "More Powerful". What a load of rot that is!

Everyone has the ability to utilize this energy. A spell needs physical, mundane things to help remind your subconcious. Remember that the subconcious reacts best to symbolism. So, if you want to do an attraction spell, then you might wish to charge a piece of jewelry that you wear a lot to use for that purpose.

And there is a huge difference between an attraction spell and a love spell. I will go out on a limb here and say NEVER EVER cast a love spell on another human being. And yes, I mean never. To me is a form of manipulation and I despise and detest that sort of thing. My free will is very precious to me and something I will allow very few to ride herd on.

Of course, this all my opinion. All the spells I include here will be by my own hand unless noted.


Releasing Negativity
A spell utilizing rock magic to clear your own life from unhappy feelings.
Car Charm
A simple charm for protecting your car and yourself from problems.
Simple House Blessing
A very basic house blessing with just a few props that are easily obtained.
Witches' Bottle
An involved spell for creating a protection for your home
Freeze Spell
This is a simple way of getting someone to leave you alone

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