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It was mentioned to me that perhaps not everyone is familiar with what Lammas and Samhain and other festivals are.

I will tell you what they are to me from my Trad's point of view. YMMV (your mileage may vary) You will also find links to rituals that I have written or helped to write. You are welcome to adapt them to your needs. I only ask that if you use them as part of your BOS that you write my name with them. :-) And please! Do not publish them anywhere. That would be very bad manners.

Samhain Oct 31st The Witches New Year's Eve. The veil between the worlds is very thin and communication with the Other Side is easier. This also marks the Lord's rule beginning. .One of the four festivals known as the Quarters.

Yule Dec 21 (22nd some years) Winter Solstice This marks the Return of the Sun. The days begin to grow longer. The Sun King is born and in many Traditions the Holly King slays the Oak King. This is a Cross Quarter festival (Yule Ritual)

Brighidmas Feb 2 Also known as Candlemas and Imbolg this day is when the God consummates his love for the Lady. A ritual for the blessing of candles, for writing poetry, or learning a new craft are all perfect here. Quarter Festival (Imbolg Ritual)

Ostara April 21(22) AKA Spring Equinox or Vernal Equinox. Balance an egg on its end at the exact moment of Equinox and watch it stay up. This festival represents fertility and abundance. That rabbit has a meaning! This is my festival for putting seeds in dirt! Cross-Quarter Festival

Beltaine April 30 In a! Again the God comes to the Goddess, but this time she is awake. This marks the Lady's return to the land. Fertility rites abound and this is what is behind the Maypole dance! Quarter Festival

Litha June 21 AKA Summer Solstice. The Lord and the Lady celebrate their wedding. For us it is the very first of the Harvest festivals. The Lady is fully pregnant at this time. It is also the day to mark the leaving of the Sun and to prepare for the winter to come. Cross Quarter.

Lammas August 1 AKA Lughnassaghd Feast of Lugh. The Harvest of Grain and First Fruits. We begin to put things away to hold us through the winter. It is John Barleycorn's turn to die for us. Quarter Festival 

Mabon Sept 21 Autumnal Equinox. The Second Harvest festival...the crops are full and this is when we begin to can and store in earnest. Another day to balance that egg as well. Cross Quarter (Mabon Ritual)

For a more in-depth view of the Sabbats, I recommend you go to Mike Nichols' Home Page. Mike offers solid articles backed by years of experience. Please note that clicking on the banner will take you away from the Cauldron. Won't you bookmark me now? Thanks!

The Witches' Sabbats

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