God Is Immanent

"God is immanent in every form and whoever loves God must love God's creation. To love God is to love all humanity." Kirpal Singh _Man Know Thyself_ Bowling Green, VA: Sawan Kirpal Publications, 1954, p. 15

For me, God means Themselves. Whether that is Two or Many depends on my internal vision at that moment. But let's be clear that I worship Many from Two from One from the Source. That is how I personally view divinity.

This statement hits particularly hard due to a very hard, harsh, emotional conversation I had with a dear loved one yesterday. This person asked me why I was mean when they saw me as kind. They even yelled at me that they didn't have mean people in their lives nor were they friends with mean people.

I have always taught my students that "thou are God/dess" is faith in action. But do I walk this talk? Do I really approach every person as God/dess incarnate? As God/dess immanent? Ok, I could argue that if I am part of humanity and I am part of this "Deity is immanent", then I could easily point out that some Deities are mean as all crap. But do I want to be that Deity? Do I want to be mean for no reason? On another note is Deity every truly mean for no reason? But I digress.

Back to the idea that if you love God you must love God's creation and that to love God is to love all humanity. This is a particularly sticky wicket for me because there are people I do not want to love. But then again, I guess I can say I can love someone without liking them. Isn't that scarily the same as love the sinner, but hate the sin? And can I do that? Can I say that Rev. Phelps deserves love? Can I say that George Bush (son or father) deserves love?

Yes, I actually can. Because at the root of it, we all deserve love. I don't think we have to earn it or beg for it or work for it. I think we deserve it because we are God/dess incarnate or, if you prefer, immanent. To love all humanity is to love God/dess.

Now, is it easier for you to love yourself or all humanity? I know that I can be easier, or more kind if you prefer, on others. I can love them. It is something I am truly trying to work on right now. To love others. To see Deity Incarnate in every person. It can be rough at times of course. But anything you really want to build in yourself is going to be hard. You are going against years of training unless you were brought up in a very spectacular household. And if you were brought up in such a home, try to imagine loving the worst person on earth that you can think of. See yourself having dinner with this person and being a pleasant companion.

But what of loving myself? If I am God/dess Incarnate, then when I foul my own waters, so to speak, I am attacking the Goddess herself. Talk about hubris. This may be the ultimate of all hubris. From a personal POV, my depression often makes me take aim at myself as though I were Delta sniper who never missed a shot. Since I know myself the best, I can wound myself the deepest. I can lead others into conversations so that they will harm me the way I know I should be hurt. It is a devastating cycle that I take. And all of it, all this beating up of myself, is, in fact, bruising the Lady Herself.

Simply put, every time I say something demeaning or hurting about who I am, I am trying to kill the Goddess. How often do you put yourself down? How often do we allow others to put themselves down in our hearing? I know that the illness I am fighting lends itself to self-abuse. I can only keep doing the work to move out of that spot. Part of that has to be this awareness that I have literally come to while writing this out that in my words against myself, in my scratching myself when I am upset, in my not eating when I hurt, in all of those ways the depression urges me to hurt myself... I am hurting the Goddess as well.

I am blessed in that She is a forgiving, kind-hearted Woman, and is the woman I need to be.

By My Hand
Arwen Nightstar
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