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This is a list for Pagans and anyone else who want to discuss issues as well as have a good time.  This is not a teaching list. It is a sharing list. You will be expected to participate!  Your hostess is Arwen Nightstar aka the listgirl and sometimes the ListBitch.  We follow many paths. Ceremonial Magick,Wicca, Druidry and Eclecticism are just a few of those paths.  Anyone with an open mind is welcome. This includes any religious background or belief. We represent many different countries such as Canada, Australia, Denmark and the USA. All we ask is that you come with an open mind.  There are very few rules for MLM. The main one is as follows:

    If you can't say it nicely, take it off the list.
Not too terribly difficult a rule, is it?  We demand that everyone be treated with courtesy and respect on our list.  One liners of the "me too" and "I agree" type are frowned upon, but one liners that show wit and style are highly approved by all (Ok, Arwen hates one liners but that is too bad, because the majority of the list likes them!). Any new rules are put before the list to get a general opinion before any decisions are made.


Arwen Nightstar is your hostess.  The people who run the list itself are the members.


We have members ranging in age from 18 (the minimum age is 18) to *ahem*.  Experience levels run from "been there" to "I want to learn everything".  Topics range the gamut of deep philosophical inquiries to poetry to interesting URL's to flirting to cabbage brownies (don't ask).  You can expect a lively discussion atmosphere with lots of "I must disagree with that" and "disagree if you must, but this is what I think".  We emphasize courtesy and respect. 


To subscribe to the list, you will need to go here first. Arwen will then have to go and approve your subscription. Arwen may write to you first to ask you how old you are. She prefers to know the people on her list to some degree.  Is that Elitist? Perhaps, but no one has been turned away who has asked to join. 

All new subscribers will be placed on moderated status. Arwen will boot anyone who proves to be a problem.

Updated 8/28/2000

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