Potent Beauty

"This world is nothing more than Beauty's chance to show Herself. And what are we? -- Nothing more than Beauty's chance to see Herself. For if Beauty were not seeking Herself we would not exist." Ghalib in Jonathan Star _Two Suns Rising_ NY: Bantam, 1991, p. 129

The potency of this statement captured me with the immediacy of a hummingbird flitting past my ear. That little brrrrrrrrrr that you can not possibly ignore because if you do, that opportunity will be gone. That miniscule moment to really appreciate something.. how often do you take it? When you see a hawk on the wing, do you gasp and point and go on talking? Or do you silently let your eyes flow on the thermals with the powerful beats of feathers just doing their job? Can you be the hawk even when it disappears against the mountains or into the trees or when the sun momentarily blinds you? Blinking away the tears do you still try to find that raptor's path against the blue sky?

If Beauty were not seeking Herself, we would not exist.
We must seek Beauty in order for Beauty to exist as well.

Next time you tell me you do stop and smell the roses, I want to know what those roses smell like. Are they tangy and sweet? Spicy? What color were they? How did the petals feel cradled in your hands. Can you make me feel and see and smell what you felt and saw and smelled? Or did you just do a "scratch-n-sniff" on the roses? Something that didn't even leave a scratch on your frontal lobe much less your short term memory.

Talk to me about how you experience Beauty on a daily basis. Hourly basis would be better. Do you seek opportunities to commune with Her? Can you create those opportunities?

For me, writing this was an opportunity. Was it beautiful for you?

By My Hand
Arwen Nightstar
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