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Well, I am Arwen! Gosh, that was

an easy answer!Arwen at the RenFair in Holly, Michigan. 29kWhat? You want more? Greedy thing! Ok…I am a Pisces Sun (3/8/61), with an Aquarius Ascendant and a Scorpio Moon. In my life I have worked in a print shop, sold advertising for a newspaper, groomed dogs and worked as technical support for an ISP. The picture of me at the Ren Fair was taken in Holly, Michigan sometime around 87? Currently I live in Colorado and serve as the president of the American Tarot Association.

I came to Wicca in 1981 or 1982. My first experience was with my dear friend B.M. at Centenary College. B.M. introduced me to Starhawk’s book _Spiral Dance_ and it was all over but the book buying! In the following years I did and still do buy a lot of books! I am an admitted biblioholic! My Path led me to Lady Lhianna Sidhe when I lived in Ohio.

Under her tutelage I was dedicated to Them on Lammas in 1985. I was elevated to 2nd Degree within that Tradition which is Keltic Wicca. My 3rd came from Themselves. I do not follow a true Celtic path and am more Eclectic than anything. I try to honor Them in ways that seem fitting to myself. I am proud and honored by those who are my initiates and students.

I should probably note at this point that I do not think that Coven training is any better than learning on your own as a Solitary. Nor do I require anyone call me by the title I am entitled to within my Tradition. Lady Arwen Nightstar has a lovely ring to it, but it only means something coming from the lips of others who know what the work meant.

I am a Romance writer… as of yet unpublished, but things are looking up in that neck of the woods. I belong to an online chapter of Romance Writers of America. From The Heart is a very friendly group. I also belong to the FF&P Chapter.2004 Halloween/Samhain costume party at work

I am a poet, am entranced by rocks, make my own incense and believe in the power of words.

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I also have a menagerie! I am an INFP and supposedly we make up about 1% of the whole population. I have read somewhere that we are make up 20% of the web however. I found that fascinating! Want to take the test for yourself? Go here!

I am a queer femme. My ideal partner is a stone butch. He will utterly complete me. I currently live in the Denver area. I am open to dating, but do request that we be friends first.

Arwen Nightstar, New Year's Eve 1995 11k
Taken in 1995 with makeup!

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So, this has been a bit about me. I also run two small lists for Pagans and Wiccans and people with open minds. First is Magic, Lust and Mirth. Currently we are very small and very talkative. MLM is open to those who are 18 years of age and older. My other list is Pagan Table and is for people who are Pagan or open-minded and want to share recipes and chat about food things. Subscribeto PaganTable!

I am always interested in hearing what others have to say so if you would like, please write to me.

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