About Arwen




Who Is Arwen?

Arwen Lynch-Poe, the Professional Joy Seeker, is a professional psychic. She began her career in 1985.  Currently residing in New Mexico, she is a wife, an animal mom, an aunt, a friend, a human. She uses the feminine pronouns of she and her.  She is a  priestess, a psychic, a medium, a Tarot conversationalist, a teacher, an author, and more. 

Her motto is Seek Joy, Y’all!

Her mission statement is “I work towards seeking joy for myself and teaching others how to find it for themselves.  I feel that love is the single most powerful thing in our world. I intend for my words to reach those they are meant for. I believe that those who seek me are meant to find me.”

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Arwen is a witch–Wiccan by training. She’s grown more eclectic and hedgewitchy over the years. For those who put store by such things, she was initiated in 1985 in Toledo, OH in the Coven of the Laughing Greenwood by Lady Lhianna Sidhe. 

As an author of fiction and non-fiction as well as Tarot and Oracle decks, her works include 33 Days To Finish Your Book, the  Fairy Tale Lenormand (art by Lisa Hunt),  the Elle Qui Oracle (art by Melanie Delon), the Secrets of the Mystic Grove (art by Mary Alayne Thomas), and The Field Guide to Garden Dragons (art by Stanley Morrison.) For a complete listing, follow Arwen on Amazon.

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