The Chakras are energy points that exist in one of our auric layers. There are seven major auric layers and there are seven major chakras. For more on Auras, please go to my text on Auras. The concept of chakras originates in Eastern thought. The total chakras are 49. We will be starting with the Root chakra to work our way up to the crown. Please also note that I work with a more Western color philosophy.


1st. Muladhara. anus, rectum, colon, adrenals

2nd. Svadhishthana. pelvic cavity, reproductive organs, ovaries, prostate, testicles

3rd. Manipura. abdominal cavity, navel, digestive organs, spleen

4th. Anahata. thoracic cavity, heart, rib cage, lungs, thymus

5th. Vishuddha. throat, voice, neck, thyroid, para-thyroid 

6th. Ajna. third eye, higher brain center,pituitary (the pituitary gland is attached to the -base- of the brain.)

7th. Sahasrata. crown,highest brain center, pineal 

The Root Chakra corresponds with the etheric double aura. The chakras are actually located in this auric field. North is the direction and red and black are the colors of the Root Chakra. So, what stones are good with the this? Garnet and black tourmaline are two. Garnet for a root that is closed down and the black tourmaline for one that is too open. The garnet is a very good stone for women who want to get pregnant. Just remember to let go of it once you are pregnant! Also, this is the chakra to work with if you are feeling "ungrounded" or "not centered". I will place a chunk of Black Tourmaline between my feet during astral workings so that I can remain centered. 
The Belly Chakra corresponds with the emotional/astral body aura. Its direction is East. Its colors are Orange and Brown. The Belly is where emotional junk is stored. I prefer to use Carnelian with my Belly Chakra to keep it nice and open. Brown is to close it down, but I have yet to meet someone with a Belly chakra that is wide open. When you have digestive problems that you know are related to stress, this is the time to work on opening up the belly chakra. Learn to let it pass through..yes, just like fecal matter!
The next is the Solar Plexus Chakra which is connected with the lower mental body aura. The element is fire and the direction is South. Its color is yellow. Think of something that you are phobic of....where does it hit you? Probably the Solar Plexus aka the bread basket is where you react. Amber is an excellent stone for this chakra because of its naturally soothing nature. Like the Belly one, this chakra generally needs to be opened up. Topaz is an alternative stone and can facilitate a learning process about why things terrify you. 
The fourth of our major chakras is the Heart Chakra, associations are Air and east. Colors are green and pink. It is associated with the higher self or causal body auric layer. I normally use Unakite for my Heart Chakra...a natural balancer. Rose Quartz always has a home with me also. My Heart Chakra, to me, seems to continually be either too open or too closed. So, I require balance! Malachite is good if you are too open and Morganite would be nice if you feel closed off. 
The Throat Chakra links into the will level of the spritual body aura. Its color is blue, direction is Center, and element is Spirit. My all-time favorite for this is Sodalite, but other stones are Lapis Lazuli, Blue Topaz, Blue Lace Agate. I don't know of a balancing color here. Maybe we all need to learn to speak what we feel with balance?
Our next is the Brow Chakra which is the auric layer of connecting to others. Direction is below and Earth as in Mother Earth, the planet.The color is Indigo blue. This is also known as the Third Eye chakra. Now, here is where I vary from others. I see the color as being indigo and purple. Stones I use are the amethyst and sugilite. Blue sapphire is also suggested. I am usually working on opening my third eye. My stone of choice is sugilite, but it is expensive!
The last chakra, the last major chakra, is the Crown chakra and it is on the top of your head. I see this one as being golden. It is connected to the Direction Above and the Universe. This is the chakra that I link to my root chakra when I do meditation work. Stones I use are Rutilated Quartz and sometimes Citrine. I also use Citrine for the Belly. :-) The visualizations of a fountain pouring out of the head and flowing back to the earth are ways of connecting the root and the crown chakra. 

These are our seven major Chakras and their attributes. The bulk of this information was taken from two books. 

  • Diane Stein _The Women's Book of Healing_ Llewellyn Publications, 1988, ISBN 0-87542-759-6 
  • Anodea Judith _Wheels of Life_ Llewellyn Publications, 1987, ISBN 0-87542-320-5

So, now that we know what the seven major chakras are, what do we do with them? How does this help with healing with stones? Glad you asked! Please go to Layouts next.

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