If you are not familiar with chakras, then you may wish to first go to my lesson on chakras.

So, before we work on someone else you should ask yourself if you are healthy enough to do this. What about Healer, heal thyself? This is a very important task. And you should be able to do this to yourself with ease before you ever consider working on another person or animal.  I am not talking about healing yourself in terms of diseases.  I am speaking of the need to be in balance with your own chakras.

Here is one way to go about this. Lie down or get comfortable. (I am assuming that you are NOT doing this now.) Relax and do some deep breathing to really ground yourself. I am also assuming that you understand how to ground and to center.  As you feel yourself getting centered, begin to see your chakras.  Please understand that when I say "see your chakra" that there are several ways to do that. Some people see them and others know that they are there. You will have to learn to trust yourself in this.

But how, you ask. The chakras are represented by colors, remember? the root you will see a wheel of red perhaps with a bit of black. Next will be an orange wheel, flower or sphere. Followed by a yellow one. The green is next. Then blue and then violet and then gold or white. 

As you see each color, let yourself judge the color. Is it bright? Is it muddy? Do you like the color? You are in complete charge of the colors... let yourself play with the color until you are satisfied that it is what you want. 

You can think of it as fiddling with the color knobs on the TV or choosing a custom color from your Paintbrush palette. Once all of your chakras are a color you are pleased with, let yourself float a bit. Get to know what being balanced feels like. 

You will find that as you practice this meditation of balancing the chakras, that it will become very easy. Also, using these colors and these chakras as parts of your personal shielding is a good idea. Layering and utilizing what you have is the best way.

You can do crystal layouts or grids on yourself or on others. There are endless combinations of layouts. I am only going to deal with one here.  If you have a need to explore more, then you may wish to research this method further.  Let's take a look at a grid for helping to communicate emotional issues. 

You will be using stones that you have cleansed and charged for your purpose.  Please don't use "dirty" stones.  Stones retain energy. That is one of their basic functions. 

First, at the root chakra, place a piece of black tourmaline to ground the individual. It is important to make sure that they are grounded and centered as well as they can be before you begin. 

Skip to the heart chakra to lay a piece of rose quartz.  This is to enable the heart to open up in a safe way.  Unakite would be good if this is an issue that involves a need for balance.  The rose quartz is for self-love.

At the throat chakra, we will want some sodalite to facilitate communication. Remember, this particular grid or layout is for communicating emotional things. This can be a particularly useful layout for someone who can't express their emotions easily, but would like to express them.  It is of the utmost importance to have a patient who wants to be healed working with you.  Some layouts need to be done several times. 

At the chakras that are not affected, it is useful to put small quartz crystals pointing toward the crown. This facilitates the total movement of the energy. would look like this.

Clear Quartz (Crown)

Clear Quartz (Third Eye)

Sodalite (Throat)

Morganite (Heart)

Clear Quartz (Solar)

Clear Quartz (Belly)

Black Tourmaline (Root)

You are grounding the person while facilitating the heart to speak through the throat. Once the stones are in place, you can charge each stone by holding your power hand over it and focusing on the energy of that stone. 

Don't forget to push the energy up through each chakra. I do this by working with my girls (see them on page 1 of the gallery) and guiding the energy flows.  And yes, I actually do "see" these flows.  I can not describe it.  It isn't physical exactly.  It is more of a knowing that they are there and giving myself permission to see them.

Let the individual, lie and meditate about the problems being worked on. When your client feels ready, remove the stones in reverse order. Instruct them to sit up slowly! Be ready to lend a hand, they may well be dizzy. 

Make sure you have allotted some time to discuss the way the layout left the person feeling. This is extremely important!
When you get into something that is over your head, please understand that your client may need skilled, trained help in the form of a therapist.  You can never know if your work to heal a broken heart will dredge up something else.  That is why I insist that you must be called to do this work.  Just doing it to see what it is like is criminal when you are working with another human being! 

Never assume that one layout will cure anything. And, remember...cross treat! Don't go in over your head. This is where your relationship with Deity will have to be strong. If you do not feel called to do this type of healing.... DON'T!!!!! You are messing with a person's auras and chakras and you must be serious about this. 

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