The English Spread

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13 9 5 4 8 12
2 1 3
14 10 6 7 11 15
1. Central card: Your Personality, or the nature of your problem.

2. This helps clarify the nature of the central card.
3. This expands on information from the first two cards.
4. The expected course of events if things remain unchanged.
5. This represents the changes you may be considering.
6. Information which will help make an important decision.
7. Influences you cannot control, but which may prove useful.
8. What will happen unless you choose a new path.
9. This indicates an alternate path you may select.
10. Information you should consider when making a decision.
11. An influential event beyond your control.
12. What will probably occur unless you make a new choice.
13. Something you may choose in order to make a change.
14. An important influence which you need to study.
15. Forces you can't control but which may be useful to you.
I personally like this spread for when I have more than one option open and both look interesting.  If you pay attention, you will see that the layout pattern is basically a spiral in nature. Helps with the reading.
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