Tarot Thoughts
      A look at the way Arwen reads the Celtic spread.

There are 10 cards in this spread. 
First card is the situation now. 
Second reflects influences surrounding the situation. 
Third is underneath these two and represents deep past. I generally read this as anywhere from one to two years ago. 
The fourth card falls to the left showing recent past which to me is 6 months to now. 
The fifth card sits on top which I see as something the Querant is reaching for as in goals and dreams.
Card six sits to the right of the first two showing what is in the imminent future. 

The row of four to the right of the Cross is sometimes referred to as the Scepter. 

At the bottom of this row is card number seven which is how the Querant feels about this question. 
Eight reflects how those around the Querant view the problem and possibly the Querant. 
Card nine is the obstacle that has to be surmounted to get to card ten. 
And card ten is the final outcome if the path followed remains constant.

Remind the person you are reading for that the Tarot is not set in stone. It is a guidemap with markers for them.  Any one of us is able to change course.  Why look ahead if you can not change anything? And don't scare them!! Too many new readers see the Death card and assume that it always means a physical death. Open your mind! Think about this one a bit before you send the querant screaming from the room.