The Pagan Table

In the early 90’s, there was a thing called BBS (Bulletin Board Systems.) This was how I found other people like me. One of the threads was the Pagan Table! I either started it or took over as moderator. It’s been a minute since the 90’s so I do not recall.

Pull up a chair and spend some time with us. We are a group of open-minded people…we are Witches, Wiccans, Druids, Egyptian, Celtics, Christian, Seeking. This list began on PODS, moved to OneList, and finally has a home on Facebook.

This group is for sharing recipes and ideas that we can all use in our daily lives and in rituals as well. We welcome recipes and requests for recipes! You will find the people who sit at the Pagan Table to be a warm and welcoming group who are always ready to help beginning cooks out.

So, come on and see what’s happening at the Table today! has been in existence since 1990 or thereabouts.