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I must acknowledge my Mentor here. Harvey Gerst has been a friend and a support and so much more to me in the past few years. He has shown me that I can write and write well. He has helped me in so many ways beyond just editing, but his editing is why many of these poems have that polish to them. Thank you Harvey. You are a gem.  You can find Harvey at his page.
  • The Tenth Muse
  • Wining
  • Ice Moon
  • Silence
  • It Did Not Work
  • Heavy Moon Waiting
  • Medusa
  • Grief Butterfly
  • Full Death Moon
  • On The Muses
  • Tumbling
  • Balance of the Moon
  • Rabbit & Hunter
  • Warrior & Poet
  • Hunger Moon
  • This Muse 
  • Fair Enough
  • Things
  • Dying Trees
  • Mystery of the Dove
  • Butterflies
  • The Raindrop's Fear
  • The Wanting
  • Dragonflies
  • Wasting Time
  • Naturally Falling Breath
  • Offerings
  • Spaces
  • Medusa'd Heart
  • Straws
  • I Am
  • Home
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