Grief Butterfly

I am pinned to this wall by a pain not my own
Your heat is not from passion  Your tears not of love
And you hold me here prisoner to your anger

If I could I would fly to that place my space
Leaving you and this ancient throbbing grief behind
You can't let me you must pin me with your rage

I am pinned to this heart by a fear not my own
The fear of being alone The fear of not being wanted
Fears that build walls around this wall boxing me in

If I could I would let you leave this heart this trap
But you won't go willingly and so I must rip flesh
Shred heart scream and rage until you flee me hating me

This ancient throbbing grief beats against my soul
A dying oubourous thrashing its death agonies
And I am pinned by a pain all my own.

July 16, 1997
Arwen Nightstar
Stephanie Lynch
All rights reserved.

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