If Medusa Were A Mermaid

If Medusa were a mermaid 
She would have fat sausage curls of moray eels
Dangling at her cheeks, powerful jaws waiting.
Sleek slim strands of sea snakes would drape from brow to nape
Deadly cover for her weapon. 
A jellyfish for a bun with stinging tentacles adding that
Softening feminine touch to a severe line.

If Medusa were a mermaid
She would shun the sunlight;like her curls crave the dark recesses
Of watery caves lined with soft algae
Slipping inside touching the walls feeling the depths
She would brush away the wiry sea grass
That guarded the entrance and just slide in.

If Medusa were a mermaid
Her sleep would be guarded by the octopus
And the scorpionfish--a hug and a poisonus kiss
For any perseus who dared force entry
For such an affront she would let
Her curls caress his face, her strands wrap around his throat
And surely he would die happy.

Arwen Nightstar ,July 11, 1993
all rights reserved.