Silence is not a lithe thin girl to be pursued

Silence is a huge heavy fat goddess

She sits--ponderous thighs--lap filled with belly

This is a Goddess to be adored and cherished

Not with song Not with chants Not with dreams

Still your meditations Leave your dreams Stop your words

Empty your cluttered, rushhour busy mind and


Don't fill the spaces Don't chit chat away the gaps

Observe Her see Her bigness the immensity of Who She is.

Silence is a Goddess--if you come to Her temple

Come without fear without hope without tears without dreams

Empty--let Her vastness fill you teach you reach you

Listen to the music of the Void--Her heartbeat

Let Her wrap you in Her flesh heavy arms

Pull you inside Her dark heavy breasts

And dance to the rhythm of Her heart--the Void.

Come to worship Silence the hardest mistress of all

A stray thought, a wisp of music a flutter of a bird's wing

And She is gone, lost in the noise of every day.

Arwen Nightstar

Home, Please

This poem brought to you by Arwen. All Rights Reserved