Arwen's Zoo

Here is where I introduce you to my zoo.  I am owned by four cats now. And one dog. I also have three birds.

The Cats

Carmen who of all the felines is my familiar. She was a feral kitten (supposedly) in Michigan, but it only took two pieces of sausage to have her upside down in my lap. Grin! She is the eldest and the Empress of all She surveys ... and then some! See her here or here

Then I have Houdini who was born the day before my 44th birthday. He hates closed doors and loves to perch on the top of the sliding door of the tub. Pervert! He is one of the three Thuggee boys!

Next boy is BJ who came into my home supposedly only for a while but he adopted Dini and now the two are inseperable! He looks a great deal like Houdin only with socks and a bib. Thuggee #3

Then there is Zach Zach has claimed me as his. He is Thuggee boy #2 in the house and if something has been turned upside down, climbed, knocked over, moved,... I look for the Thuggee boys.

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7/06/91-1/4/99 R.I.P. Crouton

 I am giving Crouton his own page because he died far too young. He is also in the Standards of Excellence Calendar twice.

I live with one dog. One is the rescue Standard Poodle Quigley. I adopted him at the age of 2 or 3. His previous family listed his "faults" as "runs through the house", "wiggles", and "too friendly". Some people don't deserve to have a stuffed animal much less a live one.

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I have owned many in my life. At this point I only have three.

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Well, no others currently but I am hoping to get an oranda gold fish!

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