Quigley, Life and Times of a Standard Poodle

Hello and welcome to my home page. I am Quigley, a silver Standard Poodle. I come from the Poodle Rescue of the Rockies. My first family gave me away because I wiggled too much and I was too friendly. I still wiggle and I am still overly friendly, but my Mama doesn't threaten to give me away!

This is me on my first day in my new home. It was September 7, 2001 and I was three years old as of June of that year. I was very curious about the birds that I was going to live with. I poked my nose into Otis' cage and he BIT it! What a meanie! But I didn't go sticking my nose into any more bird cages, you can betcha!

I love to sleep on the bed! If Mama is in the bed, I would rather sleep on the floor. She takes up too much room and thinks I shouldn't sleep like this in the middle. Silly Mama! I love her anyway!

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