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Hi there! My name is Tavi. I am a Half Moon Conure. I am one of the smallest of the conures, by the way. My species grows to about 9 inches or so. The breeder lady came to get me in Utah and the other breeder lady brought me from California along with my sibling, Sage, and some other birds.
This is me at 4 weeks old on June 24, 2001. Aren't I cute? My eye rings will turn yellow when I get older.
My mama came to see me every week and she held me and told me what a pretty baby I am. I have two bird brothers. You can visit Simon's page, and Emrallt's, too.
This is me at five weeks old. Mama did her first handfeeding with a syringe. She even got most of the food inside of me although I managed to get some on her! Go me!
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She said it was nerve-wracking. I said she could have pushed that yummy food in a little faster. Mama may take me home when I am down to one feeding a day. She and the breeder lady are going to talk about it. The breeder lady is really really nice and she has lots of birds for Mama to look at. When we sit in the big room, there is a really big grey bird who stares at me sometimes. I stare back. Mama says that is a Vasa parrot. The breeder lady has some big babies she calls honking green geese-parrots. Mama says they are Derbyans. She thinks they are pretty. I nibbled on her nose so she would look at me again. I am the prettiest bird, Mama says.
I will write more when I have more to say. Oh! Mama named me Tavi after some old dumb mongoose in a cartoon. What's a mongoose? What's a cartoon?

Well, anyway, if you want to find out more about the type of bird I am, go to the Half Moon Conure page. Tell them Tavi sent you!

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